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Katherine DeSilva has written and cowritten a number of books. Check out her illustrated and long format projects.

Beach and Cottage Merchandise for those who live the Greenhead Life 

In the Light of a Greenhead Moon is a book an a fun game! Do you like games of deduction? Check out our partner The Game Crafter to see our games.

Custom illustration for art and books.  Katherine creates a range of scenes using her unique style. 

Self Publish with Assistance

Get You Words Printed
Massachusetts Based Self Publishing Assistance
Easy and Simple
Design & Publishing Service

Are you looking for an easy way to get your stories published? Our design and publishing services provide a hassle-free way for authors to bring their stories to life. We offer a range of publishing options, from short novels to children’s books, and our talented team of designers will ensure your book looks stunning! With our services, you can quickly take your ideas from concept to print without the traditional stress and delays. So, why not let us help you reach your literary goals today?

Get your poetry or children's book published
Aspiring Authors & Poets

Are you an aspiring author looking to self-publish on Amazon? Our service is the perfect solution for you! We provide a comprehensive range of services to successfully launch your books on Amazon, including formatting, designing, and providing marketing support. So whether you're publishing a poetry collection, children's book, or short form novel - we've got you covered. Let us take the stress and hassle out of self-publishing so that you can focus on what really matters: writing great stories!

Pumpkin Vines LLC
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Pumpkin Vines Assistance

Our Self Publish on Amazon office in Ipswich Massachusetts provides personal assistance for writers who are interested in self-publishing their books. With our experienced staff, you can get guidance and support with everything from book design and layout to marketing and distribution. Plus, we have all the resources you need like formatting templates, ISBNs, and more to make sure your book is ready for the market.

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Katherine DeSilva is 'Ipswich.Green'
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