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A Parent on a Mission

Katherine has written two books about parenting with Multiple Sclerosis.  The first was Flutter on My Cheeks, Mummy, Me, an Multiple Sclerosis.  It chronicles the difficulty parenting with MS during an exacerbation and how life can look different when a parent has a chronic illness.  

Katherine A. DeSilva, with mobility device
Katherine DeSilva
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Corey Mitchell - Story Creator and Essayist
Corey Mitchell
Founder of the CMMSFOUNDATION.
Dancing Together: Dads Get MS, too

Dancing Together: Dads Get MS, too

An uplifting story about a father with Multiple Sclerosis and how his family makes adjustments and live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Book Launch - May 30, 2023
A Dad's Story

Dancing Together - Dad's Get MS Too is available now in hardcover at Barnes & Noble and as a paperback on Amazon.com

Dancing Together CMMS Foundation
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Dancing Together

'Dancing Together: Dads Get MS Too' tells the story of a life with Multiple Sclerosis. This book was inspired by
Corey Mitchell, founder of the CMMS Foundation. Follow Dad and his family as the children navigate a brand way
of life after their father is diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS.

Corey Mitchell

Katherine DeSilva, Author & Illustrator

Corey Mitchell was the inspiration for Katherine's second children's book about parenting with MS.  This time taken from a new point of view exploring additional issues from a father's point of view.  Corey has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and had a very different journey from Katherine.  Corey Mitchell was raised in Florence, South Carolina. He now resides in Blythewood, South Carolina with his beautiful wife, Shayna, and two children, Morgan and Mekhi. Corey is a police officer. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February 2020 and has been a warrior and advocate ever since.
His positive attitude has garnered great strides in his rehabilitation efforts and his passion for helping others was the fuel in creating The Corey Mitchell MS Foundation and a children's book in his honor. 

Dancing Together
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Inspiration is All Around Us
Page from Flutter on My Cheeks

Having a chronic illness is a struggle for many parents.  Flutter on My Cheeks is an attempt at telling a story that normalizes the issues that parents face.  

Wee 'Ouse Asbury Grove

The Wee Fae ‘Ouse, or the Fairy Cottage, was initially completed in 1871, by Robert Sanderson. Mr. Sanderson was a devout Methodist and shipbuilder. With the help of family, friends, and colleagues from her days in construction full time, Katherine will reinvent the cottage to make a retreat for the body and spirit where she plans to write and create art.

Page from Flutter on My Cheeks

With the help of amazing premium digital illustrators on freepiks.com Katherine was able to create her own illustrations by mixing custom creations and existing elements. She focused on making sure that the simplicity of the images worked for the story line. 

Children's Books by Katherine DeSilva

Katherine is excited to have collaborated with fellow MS Warrior, Corey Mitchell on a follow up to Flutter on My Cheeks. Their collaboration will feature an illustrated story book for young people with an afterword by Corey.  

This  uplifting story will opens the door for constructive discussion with children about the different ways chronic illness impacts families..

We hope it can be used as a way to begin difficult conversations about the changes that can come from a sudden, long term illness. 

Katherine DeSilva


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