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The Great Neck Mermaid - Spring 2023 (Add to Google Calendar)

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October 6-9, 2023, Ebsco Hall, Ipswich, MA

Book Signing Events are listed on Facebook and Google Calendar

2023 - 08 - A Broken Dog's Love Story
2023 - 06 - The Great Neck Mermaid (World Ocean's Day 2023)
2023 - 03 - Dancing Together: Dad's Get MS Too (World MS Day 2023)
2022 - 08 - Flutter on My Cheeks Mummy, Me, and Multiple Sclerosis
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Essex County

North Shore of Massachusetts

Katherine DeSilva, Author
Community Painting - Collaborative Art
20 Locations - 5 days. Paint Ipswich

At Community Canvas, we believe in the power of community and creativity. Our mission is to foster the creation of countless original artworks that capture the essence of Ipswich. It's an open-air studio for everyone, from Ipswich residents to visitors, to be a part of a unique art experiment. Together, we'll showcase the special places in Ipswich, dear to our hearts, in a truly one-of-a-kind way. Join us in this collaborative endeavor to paint Ipswich with the vibrant strokes of creativity.

Language Lives
Language Lives
Poetry, Storytelling, Exhibition & Symposium 

Step into the world of words and artistry. Language Lives, brought to you by Ipswich Art Association and lead by Katherine DeSilva.  Language Lives is a celebration of the written word and visual arts in northeastern Massachusetts. Our Book & Art Exhibition is a testament to the beauty of language and the vivid expressions of art. Join us for a unique experience that combines the literary and visual realms, where every word and brushstroke comes to life. Open to everyone who shares a love for the profound connection between words and art. 

New England Family Market, Ipswich + Rowley
New England Family Market & Baby Expo
Sustainability & Family

The New England Natural Baby Expo focuses on the early years of life. The day covers a range of topics about pregnancy, newborns, infants, children and family as well as a number of classes dealing with more general topics for mothers, fathers and caregivers. These classes focus on how to care for your growing and changing family. The Natural Baby Expo understands that families come in many sizes and configurations and we strive for more inclusive information for all types of parents.

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Katherine DeSilva is 'Ipswich.Green'
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