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Are you a game enthusiast with a unique vision for a custom board game? Look no further! Katherine DeSilva, a seasoned board game illustrator and designer based in New England, is here to turn your ideas into captivating realities.

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Why Choose Pumpkin Vines for Your Custom Game

New England Games

Passion for Waterside Adventures: Immerse your games in the charm of coastal wonders, seafaring tales, and nautical exploration. Katherine's love for maps and seaside adventures shines through in every intricately designed game.

Collaborative Creativity: We believe in the power of collaboration. You provide the rules and game overview, and Katherine takes care of the rest – crafting engaging backstories, illustrating all components, and bringing your vision to life.

Game Production Partnership: Pumpkin Vines collaborates with 'The Game Crafter,' a leading platform for board game creation and crowd sales. Utilizing their crowd sale programs, we ensure your game not only comes to fruition but reaches your audience through a seamless process. 

Art, Books, and Illustration

Beyond Games

Personalized Keepsakes and High-Resolution Art:
Beyond custom games, Katherine offers the opportunity to create illustrated stories as cherished keepsakes. Additionally, high-resolution art from game imagery can be crafted to elevate your gaming experience.

Let's Create Your Coastal Adventure!
Ready to embark on a journey of custom board game creation inspired by waterway wonders? Contact Pumpkin Vines by Katherine DeSilva today to discuss your project.
Let's bring your New England adventures to life through captivating stories, beautifully illustrated maps, and unforgettable gaming experiences! 

Game Components by Katherine DeSilva

Board Game Illustration & Design

Tailored Collaboration: We understand that your game is your creation. Katherine collaborates closely with you, ensuring that your vision is not only realized but elevated to new heights. You write the rules, provide the game overview, and Katherine crafts the immersive backstories and illustrates all components.
Game Crafter Partnership: We proudly partner with 'The Game Crafter,' a renowned platform for board game creation and crowd sales. Utilizing their crowd sale programs, we ensure that your game not only becomes a reality but reaches your audience swiftly.

Exceptional Design Expertise: Katherine brings unparalleled artistic talent and creative flair to every project. With a passion for storytelling and an eye for detail, she transforms your game concepts into visually stunning masterpieces.

- Designing intricate custom maps that bring your fictional worlds or historical settings to life with detail and creativity.
- Developing detailed and visually engaging floorplans for settings within your narrative, whether it be homes, castles, or futuristic spaces. 
- Crafting informative and visually appealing diagrams to enhance the understanding of complex concepts within your book.

A crowd sale, a unique approach to crowdfunding, guarantees you a swift delivery of your game within weeks. Unlike traditional crowdfunding campaigns, you'll receive the game promptly, and the more backers, the bigger your discount – no stretch goals, just direct benefits. We will partner with 'The Game Crafter' for all Crowd Sales.

Assured Delivery: No waiting for months or years; you will definitely get your game within weeks.
Discounts Instead of Stretch Goals: The more backers, the greater your discount – a direct and tangible reward for your support.
Hassle-Free Process: Leave the production, shipping, payment collection, and customer service to us. You focus on bringing the crowd and the game.

Katherine values transparency and professionalism. For most projects, she is paid upfront for all illustration and design work. In crowd sales, 70% royalties go to the original concept creator, ensuring a fair and straightforward arrangement. All future royalties and rights to the game become the property of Katherine DeSilva, unless otherwise specified in the design contract.

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Board Game Prototype

Game Design

Exclusively a New England Based Game Designer

Let's Bring Your Game to Life!
Ready to turn your board game dreams into reality? Collaborate with Katherine DeSilva, a trusted name in custom board game illustration and design. Contact us today to discuss your project, and let's embark on a creative journey together!

What can I do?

Create flat color block illustrations for your story.

Vector Graphics

Simple vector graphics to tell your story visually with game specific cards, pawns, dice and boards. 

Design Cards, Boards, Rule Books, and More

Typesetting using industry standard typefaces and image placement for maximum impact.  I will make your game idea a reality. 

Create Press Ready Files

I will provide press ready file ready for uploading.  Including packaging art and barcoding.  ISBN numbers can also be provided if you would like a custom book!
File Creation
Box Design


Packaging design for an board or card game is charged per hour.

Illustration of a 32 Page Story


Do you want your board game to have a illustrated book as well? For stories with 1-3 characters a story can be illustrated with minimal background elements (Per image)

Game & Card Layout


Typesetting and formatting cards and game pieces to industry standard. (Per hour)

If you have the idea for a board game but do not feel able to write instructions and create a full game concept independently Katherine DeSilva will co-create games.

Maps & Diagrams

- Simple maps, based on real location take 2-3 hours for a first version and then additional colorways and variations usually take 30-45 minutes each. Example: Simple flat color, map with up to 10 streets and minimal iconography. $150
- Detailed map, based on real location take 3-6 hours for a first version then additional colorways with different typefaces, and variations usually take 30-60 minutes each. Actual time will depend on the amount of typesetting and details. Example 1: Detailed flat color map with labeled streets and up to 10 icons. $250. Example 2: Detailed full color map with transparent overlays and gradient areas and pop out location indicators. $500
- Simple maps, based on imagined locations with minimal typesetting take 2-5 hours for a first version and then additional colorways and variations usually take 30-45 minutes each. The more detail provided in the description the more time the initial will take , but usually these maps or diagrams will require fewer edits. Example: Detailed full color map with transparent overlays named streets. $500
- Diagrams from Arial Photos $220-500 depending on details, typesetting, and revisions. 




As a resident of Essex County, Massachusetts, Katherine brings a unique perspective to her creations, rooted in the rich history and landscapes of the North Shore. Her collaborative spirit and artistic versatility make her an ideal partner for authors seeking to enhance their narratives with visually stunning elements.

Join Katherine DeSilva on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and storytelling that transcends the boundaries of imagination. Together, let's explore the possibilities of transforming words into vibrant visual experiences on the canvas of literature.

Step into the imaginative realm of Katherine, a visionary artist residing in a quaint beach town whose creations resonate with the beauty of the natural world. With a mastery of digital art, Katherine's design style is a celebration of modern aesthetics, seamlessly blending technology with a profound appreciation for the organic.

In her enchanting portfolio, Katherine's preference for flat illustrations takes center stage, capturing the essence of simplicity and elegance. The use of solid colors and color blocks is a distinctive hallmark, echoing the vibrant hues of the coastal landscape that surrounds her. Each stroke is a nod to the sun-drenched beaches, azure skies, and the myriad colors found in the flora and fauna of her seaside sanctuary.

Katherine's use of bold solid colors or carefully curated, harmonious color palettes further elevates her work, creating a visual feast that mirrors the coastal hues that inspire her. Whether designing captivating book covers that transport readers to sun-kissed shores, crafting delightful illustrations for children's books that echo the joy of beachcombing, or intricately detailing maps and diagrams that weave the natural world into the fabric of knowledge, Katherine's artistry is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between technology and nature.

More Information

Design & Illustration


Simplicity reigns supreme in Katherine's work, as they skillfully blend simplified shapes with intriguing details. This harmonious juxtaposition adds depth and character to the illustrations, ensuring that every piece tells a story of its own. Cartoon elements seamlessly interweave with the overall composition, injecting a sense of playfulness and charm that resonates with audiences of all ages.

One of the distinctive features of Katherine's repertoire is the incorporation of icons, creating a cut-out collage effect that adds a layer of uniqueness to their creations. This technique not only adds visual interest but also contributes to the artist's ability to convey complex ideas in a visually accessible manner.

Whether it's designing enchanting book covers that beckon readers into magical realms, crafting delightful illustrations for children's books that spark the imagination, or meticulously detailing maps and diagrams for clarity and comprehension, Katherine infuses each project with their signature style. In the hands of this visionary artist, the convergence of bold choices and intricate details results in a body of work that is not only visually stunning but also resonates deeply with the intended audience, making every project an unforgettable visual journey.

Katherine DeSilva, Author

Katherine DeSilva, 2022

Katherine DeSilva

Katherine, owner of the Wee Fae ‘Ouse is a single mother with Multiple Sclerosis on a mission. Katherine is an author and artist whose stories take place mainly in Essex County, Massachusetts where she lives. From September to June she is a full-time Special Educator teacher for teens with social and emotional disabilities.

Katherine has her Masters of Science in Special Education and a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has taught value-based sexual education classes for youth of all ages for the past 10 years. She enjoys promoting open conversations about living sustainably, social-emotional wellness, and sexual well-being.

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