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Katherine DeSilva has been a life long writer. Her first children's book, Flutter on My Cheeks: Mummy, Me, & Multiple Sclerosis, was published in 2022.
Her second book, The Great Neck Mermaid was published in 2023.

Katherine currently has additional books in the works geared towards adults and children.

Katherine DeSilva was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) after the birth of her daughter. When not teaching Katherine and her daughter work on art, writing, and home improvement project. 

Katherine is a voracious reader and truly enjoys writing stories and verse that she believes need to be written. 

Books by Katherine DeSilva

Current Long Format Prose Projects

The Last Train by Katherine DeSilva

The Last Train

Book 1 "Participation Without Crisis Series' 

In a post-rapture reality, where the lines between love and loss blur, secrets are unearthed, and a sense of normalcy is redefined. K. A. DeSilva weaves a tale that explores the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity, the bonds that endure beyond the veil of uncertainty, and the courage it takes to set things right.

One Girl Along by Katherine DeSilva

One Girl Along

A Backseat Passenger Novel

As Ayleen leans back in her seat, you're invited to delve into her world. With each twist of the plot, consider the unknown events that led her to seek a concealed carry license and the challenges she faces while straddling the line between suburban normalcy and inner-city chaos with her companion Hercules. 

Poetry Projects

Wandering Through Weeds

A Decade of Words in Lines

Wandering Thru Weeds

A Chap Book of Poetry & Verse focusing on the changes over a decade. 

Wandering Through Weeds

Places of Solice & Shock

Wandering Thru Weeds

A Chap Book of Poetry & Verse focusing on the places.

Wandering Through Weeds

People & Parents

Wandering Thru Weeds

A Chap Book of Poetry & Verse focusing on the people and relationships. 

Wandering Through Weeds

Grief and Creatures of Love

Wandering Thru Weeds

A Chap Book of Poetry & Verse focusing on grief and relationships with people and animals. 

'The Last Train'

A New England Town

The story of a new world - Post-Rapture 
The Last Train by Katherine DeSilva
A seashore town alone.
The Last Train by Katherine DeSilva
The story follows two women.
The Last Train by Katherine DeSilva
Abandoned by those who are good.
The Last Train by Katherine DeSilva
They will watch it fall.
The Last Train

The Last Train

A Dystopian Novel

Participation Without Crisis. A Series.
Book 1: 'The Last Train' 

The Last Train by K. A. DeSilva
Embark on a riveting journey through a post-rapture world in this dystopian novel by K. A. DeSilva. In the small New England town of Salem, two women, Sari and Ruth, find themselves teaming up to navigate the challenges that unfold after the disappearance of loved ones. Join them in a tale of resilience, love, and survival as they strive to set things right in the aftermath of a world forever changed.

As Sari steps off the train, little does she know that her plans for a productive evening are about to take an unexpected turn. A forgotten anniversary, a wrapped gift, and a post-rapture world await her.
In a world filled with hangovers and lost trains, Ruth's journey unfolds with a plea for help, a reluctant savior in Jason, and a shocking revelation about her brother's disappearance. As the pieces of the puzzle come together, a family's secrets and a town's unraveling reality take center stage.

Together, Sari and Ruth are thrown together to navigate a world forever changed, their paths converging in a quest to set things right. Don't miss the heart-wrenching twists and turns in "The Last Train" as they confront love, loss, and the challenges of a new era.  

The Last Train by Katherine DeSilva

The Last Train is a novel by Katherine DeSilva of two women who find themselves thrown together after humans around the world have disappeared. It is the first book in a series called "Participation without Crisis"

Katherine DeSilva


What is dystopian fiction?

We must find the stories of hope and truth rather than fill ourselves with hopelessness. Dystopian fiction, is an opportunity to look into a future where no one did the work for our society or environment. 

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