Welcome to Pumpkin Vines LLC, a consulting and advocacy firm nestled in the historic town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. With a profound commitment to the realms of art, literature, and environmental awareness, Pumpkin Vines serves as a beacon for families seeking to minimize their environmental impact, embrace creativity, and foster stronger connections within their communities.

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Pumpkin Vines LLC

Led by the visionary Katherine DeSilva, an ordained minister and educator with extensive experience in youth development, our firm offers a cohesive array of services. From organizing events like the Natural Baby Expo and the Outdoor Family Market to supporting self-publishing endeavors for books and board games, Pumpkin Vines is dedicated to nurturing creativity and sustainability.
Our classes and family coaching sessions further contribute to personal and familial development, emphasizing the importance of clear and value-based discussions around relationships. As an imprint of Katherine DeSilva, Pumpkin Vines invites you to embark on a journey where each event, publication, and consultation contributes to a harmonious blend of art, literature, and environmental consciousness. Join us as we strive to create a safe space for exploration, growth, and positive impact.

At Pumpkin Vines, we are driven by a noble mission – to guide families in minimizing their environmental impact, fostering a connection with nature, and promoting meaningful interactions within their communities and loved ones.

Welcome to Pumpkin Vines LLC, a consulting and advocacy company located in the historic town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Pumpkin Vines is dedicated to empowering families to reduce waste, embrace nature, and enhance community engagement. 
In the years preceding the pandemic, Pumpkin Vines played a pivotal role in organizing events such as the Natural Baby Expo and the Outdoor Family Market. These initiatives were designed to provide families with invaluable insights into sustainable practices and the local community.

Our commitment to sustainability and family is exemplified by the New England Natural Baby Expo, which covers a spectrum of topics related to pregnancy, newborns, and family life. We strive for inclusivity in our information, recognizing that families come in diverse sizes and configurations.

Pumpkin Vines has a commendable history of contributing to the community, including publishing books that support those affected by MS and nature-themed publications emphasizing the significance of preserving the Great Marsh and estuaries.

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
Pumpkin Vines LLC is more than an event and consulting company; it is a testament to our unwavering focus on art, literature, and the environment.

As an imprint of Katherine DeSilva, Pumpkin Vines invites you to join us on a journey where creativity, advocacy, and education converge in a symphony of positive impact.

In 2023, Pumpkin Vines is proud to present "Language Lives," an immersive celebration of poetry, storytelling, and visual arts in northeastern Massachusetts. This initiative, led by Katherine DeSilva, showcases the profound connection between words and artistry. 

Explore our current literary offerings, including "In the Light of a Greenhead Moon," a delightful collection of prose and poetry capturing the essence of the Greenhead. This 6" book is a fusion of the silly and serious, featuring 'Every Critter is Part of the Plan' and 'Kelly the Greenhead.' 
In the Light of a Greenhead Moon will also have a board game released in 2024.

Look forward to our upcoming project, "Community Painting - Collaborative Art," a five-day event across 20 locations in Ipswich. Join us at Community Canvas to contribute to this unique art experiment and showcase the special places in Ipswich through vibrant strokes of creativity.
Also, anticipate the release of "Little Bite, Big Love," a touching story aimed at helping children understand the challenges faced by beloved dogs, currently in the illustration phase for a Summer 2024 release.
Katherine DeSilva, our visionary founder, is collaborating with longtime friend Raeme on an unprecedented two-part story. This collaboration features an illustrated storybook for young people, exploring the emotional account of euthanizing pets and offering valuable lessons for everyday life.

Pumpkin Vines Publishing

Pumpkin Vines is an independent literary press based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, specializing in niche stories often overlooked by larger publishing houses. Our books are distributed nationally and internationally, primarily online, with local contacts for authors interested in boutique sales.

The name 'Pumpkin Vines' symbolizes the tendrils that wrap around a pumpkin plant, reminiscent of a child's grasp on the world. Stories, like vines, grow and grab the reader's attention. Connect with us through the What’s App link on our website; we'd love to discuss your book project. 

Become the publisher of your own work, making strategic decisions that directly impact your book's success. Independent publishing is not just a path to publication but a deeply satisfying and empowering journey.

Embrace Hybrid Publishing with Pumpkin Vines
Pumpkin Vines Publishing invites authors to embrace the hybrid publishing model, combining the best of independent publishing with the support and expertise of a dedicated team. Experience the freedom to tell your story your way, engage with your audience, and navigate the publishing journey with Pumpkin Vines by your side.
Your literary journey starts here – choose Pumpkin Vines for a publishing experience that prioritizes your creative vision and empowers you every step of the way. 

Why Independent Publishing?
Virtually No Barrier to Entry
Independent publishing eliminates the need for agents and long waiting periods. Spend your time strategically working on your manuscript, developing your platform, and honing your craft. Independent publishing provides a quicker route to getting your work in the hands of readers.

Write What You Want
Break free from genre constraints imposed by traditional publishers. Independent publishing allows you to write what you're passionate about, whether it's Amish time-travel mysteries, sports romance, or military space operas. 

Katherine DeSilva, Author
Community Painting - Collaborative Art
20 Locations - 5 days. Paint Ipswich

At Community Canvas, we believe in the power of community and creativity. Our mission is to foster the creation of countless original artworks that capture the essence of Ipswich. It's an open-air studio for everyone, from Ipswich residents to visitors, to be a part of a unique art experiment. Together, we'll showcase the special places in Ipswich, dear to our hearts, in a truly one-of-a-kind way. Join us in this collaborative endeavor to paint Ipswich with the vibrant strokes of creativity.

Language Lives
Language Lives
Poetry, Storytelling, Exhibition & Symposium 

Step into the world of words and artistry. Language Lives, brought to you by Ipswich Art Association and lead by Katherine DeSilva.  Language Lives is a celebration of the written word and visual arts in northeastern Massachusetts. Our Book & Art Exhibition is a testament to the beauty of language and the vivid expressions of art. Join us for a unique experience that combines the literary and visual realms, where every word and brushstroke comes to life. Open to everyone who shares a love for the profound connection between words and art. 

New England Family Market, Ipswich + Rowley
New England Family Market & Baby Expo
Sustainability & Family

The New England Natural Baby Expo focuses on the early years of life. The day covers a range of topics about pregnancy, newborns, infants, children and family as well as a number of classes dealing with more general topics for mothers, fathers and caregivers. These classes focus on how to care for your growing and changing family. The Natural Baby Expo understands that families come in many sizes and configurations and we strive for more inclusive information for all types of parents.

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