Woven & Staggered Seam Floors



Weaving wood floors may seem like a job for the professionals and you would be right.

Woven floor patterns require a significant amount of patience to come out well.  

Why Pine? Because it is the material of choice for floors from this period.  Most cottages had wide pine plank floors.  My original floors were destroyed on the first floor - buried under the plywood.  The upstairs had very narrow boards that were in okay condition.  The main reason I decided to cover the existing floors in the bedroom was to add a little more rigidity to the span.  (see the article on Joist Sistering here)



The Wee Fae ‘Ouse has pastel floors in greys, rose, purple and blue.  The boards were all stained individually.  To create the look that I am going for I wanted the bedroom to point towards the oriel window, built in the 1870’s.  After deliberation and conversation the choice was made to lay the floors on an angle.  



Starting in the two front corners the floors will become an arrow of sorts to the center window that is a feature of the Italianate cottage (See more about fitting the boards and the preparation)


  Left side of room

  Right side of room   

Living Room - Colorful (Soft) Solid Wood Floors

Updated June 12, 2021


The back room was very wavy.  I installed the flooring perpendicular to the floor joists.  

I used a traditional staggered installation patterns which makes the colors in the floor really pop.  The colors in this room are the same as in the bedroom but because the bedroom gets so much natural light and this room get very little the colors seem to photograph much more true.