Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition

Beginning demolition is one of the most rewarding steps to take in a new project.  The existing kitchen had lots of wasted space and little usable space.  The counters were bare plywood.  The 30" gas stove although in great condition was much too large for such a small cottage.  

Post Demolition. 

Today: Kitchen cabinets are pulled out.  Bathroom door is gone.  Tub is in the front room.  Debris is in the old kitchen to be chopped up. Overall a good day. I am sure I could have gotten more done but the snow is out. of. control. ​

The existing kitchen cabinets prior to removal (above)   The debris from removing the kitchen cabinets and bathroom door (above)
  Existing bathroom (Below left)
Bathroom after partial demo (Below)


 Bathroom after removing the existing bathroom door (left)

Back room after a quick coat of paint (right)

Back room after first round of patching