Italianate Gallery of Inspiration

Italianate Scrap Book of Inspiration

 It is not surprising that a shipbuilder from the United Kingdom would come to America and build a house that was reminiscent of the architectural styles in England and Boston at the time.  

Italianate architectural style and detailing showed up in Gothic and Queen Anne designs extensively and visa versa.

 The historical documents call the R. Sanderson Cottage Italianate.  

This is a bit of a stretch.

Some details that do set it apart from some of the other cottages:

  • The paired windows (2 over 2) where many others are 6 over 6 or 4 over 4
  • The front windows have more decorative brackets and less of a gingerbread look. 
  • There is a bay window at the second level.

 Things that are lacking

  • The existing overhang on the roof is not nearly deep enough to support the brackets that are used on the windows and doors.
  • Window hood molding is missing from many of the windows.