History & Style

The R. Sanderson Cottage 1871 - Salem Deeds - 4/23/1898 - Book 1408 | Page 415
From The Massachusetts Historical Commission  - Asbury Grove Historic District

​The Italianate style houses follow the basic cottage form but are typically ornamented with bracketed door hoods, prominent window hoods, and cornice brackets. Other features commonly found on these cottages are bay windows, decorative verge boards, pedimented window hoods, and oculi or elliptical windows.
Well-preserved examples of the Italianate cottages are those at 11 Mudge Avenue (1871), 39 Mudge Avenue (1893), 9 Central Avenue (1873), and 12 Merrill Avenue (1872).
Those at 7 Mount Zion Avenue (1873), 29 Central Avenue (1899), and 8 McClintock Avenue (1893) also retain major elements of their original design.
Two notable examples of the Italianate cottage are 16 Clark Avenue (1872) and 9 Thompson Avenue (1871).
The former features a two-story tower, while the latter , The Wee 'Ouse, has a prominent bay window at the second floor.