Decorating with Books

Decorating with Books

Planning and Thinking - Inspiration for the Wee 'Ouse

Decorating with Vintage Books

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I purchases a range of wrapping paper at my local dollar store in colors that work with the space. Any books that I would like to have at the cottage that don't match the theme will be wrapped.  
Dollar Tree Wrapping Paper Custom book cover, DIY with wrapping paper

I wrapped each book that doesn't match the cottage with a dust jacket style book cover. 

Books will be shelved based based on topic for the most part.  

Decorating with books for a Victorian cottage

Some of the books for the Cottage

Books have been chosen for topic and binding color.  

    I have been collecting a range of books for the shelves at the cottage.   
Come for Cocktails, Stay for Supper by Levine & Burros

 More Example Books for the Shelves

 Inspiration: the bee cottage story Mother Goose   
 The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking  The Brothers Grimm