Eagle Hill, East Boston in Asbury Grove, Hamilton

The Sanderson family lived on Eagle Hill in East Boston for a significant amount of time. In 1880 as they began to move to Stoughton some of the family still lived at 98 Eutaw Street.
  • "The Eagle Hill Historic District is a residential neighborhood located on an island to the northeast of Boston proper. Most of the buildings were constructed when the East Boston Company subdivided and sold land in the third quarter of the 19th century. Most of the buildings are two to three stories tall, with their narrow ends facing the street. The most common architectural styles are Italianate, Second Empire, and Renaissance Revival. Early buildings may also be Greek Revival, while later infill buildings are Queen Anne or Classical or Colonial revival." - https://architecturaltrust.org/
86 Eutaw Street Today. The family lived at 95 which no longer exists from my research. Image: A Tour of East Boston’s Eagle Hill (http://terrace-place.com/)
Many of the details seen in Eagle Hill, East Boston look a lot like the Wee 'Ouse. 
The family was living in a transient immigrant community.  They were active in the Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church.  
They had the funds to not only have a 27 acre homestead in Stoughton, but also build the house in South Hamilton.  
  • The rent in Boston would have been between $ 8 00 to $10 00 per month. 
  • His pay would have been $1 30 to $1 65 per day.  
Approximately 93 Eutaw Street, East Boston today.
  Approximately 93 Eutaw Street, East Boston today.


Image: https://historicboston.org
The R. Sanderson Cottage in Asbury Grove was clearly impacted by the architecture of Eagle Hill, East Boston.  Robert Sanderson brought the city details to the Hamilton Camp Meeting property.

Example: Italianate / Victorian Front Door
Wee 'Ouse Front Door
Very early walnut exterior door with two arched window panels. Perfect size for an old Over The Rhine home, refinished and primed on exterior side. Hardware and skeleton key also included.