English Teacher = Books

English Teacher = Books

Planning and Thinking - Inspiration for the Wee 'Ouse

Decorating with Vintage Books


I love the idea of using vintage books to decorate the Wee 'Ouse.

Check out Booth & Williams for amazing ideas to help you plan your book decorations. 

They offer wrapped books in the color scheme that you want. 
Their website describes the books as 'authentic modern hardback books wrapped' in ... '80T parchment paper'

... And they offer books in the colors that you want. 

Definitely a super cool company! 

I reached out to Books By the Foot to help me with the planning. They were very helpful with my custom ideas. The biggest problem is my lack of budget, not their super cool range of books that would have been perfect.

They offer vintage children's books and a huge range of distressed books. 

... they also have wrapped books by color or in the example I found above, newsprint. 

There is also the option to do DIY dust jackets to match my color theme for books that "fit" based on content, but not for color.

We are currently visiting the Middleton Used Book Superstore to start our stash.

In 2017 TESS CIARLONI wrote a cute blog post on making custom jackets (before they were readily available on the sources listed above...  


... I went in a similar direction to both the sources above and Ms. Ciarloni's solution.  I have been collecting hardbound books from all over including my local used books store.  Some books are chosen for content, others for color.  

I will let you know how it goes!