Want - But Not Done

Want - But Not Done

This project is like the home of false starts.  ​A couple of things that I noticed was that once I did the interview it was assume the deal was good to go.At that point I hadn't even looked everything over.  I my mind: I wanted it to work. But until I got some quotes and real numbers on the health of the community there was no way that I would sign on the line.

Like anyone I wanted to make sure the community was in good financial health. 

Yes by now you would think nothing would change my mind. 

I will remind you again....

This is not my first Rodeo. 
This is not my first dilapidated project. 
​Although I am keeping this record there is a good chance no one will ever read it because I won't do it if the numbers don't work.  


Financial Health

After getting approved on Dec. 10, 2020 we began the "nuts & bolts" as they say.
I was please to see that the community was going strong.  I patiently waited for my land lease and bill of sale to arrive to look over with a great friend, Jessica, who is also a realtor.

Anyone that has done any kind of real estate investment knows that even if it looks personally perfect projects have to be feasible. 
I am avoiding sharing the idea of this project with my friends because lets be honest this is CRAZY.