It is COVID time... So we Zoom

Well its is 2020 so everything is via Zoom or Google Meet these days.
I had the pleasure to "meet" a few people from Asbury Grove and learn a bit more during my Admissions interview.  
Yes. To buy a property in The Grove there is an admissions panel.  So if you can't pass a CORI there is no need to try to follow in my foot steps.  If you want to know more about the process you can find out here. 

Here is the overview (From the Asbury Grove Website)
Anyone wishing to purchase or rent for more than two weeks needs to apply and be approved by our admissions committee. We are looking for people of faith, active in their local church community, who will not only be blessed by our community, but will be a blessing to others. 

Don't Worry... I was approved.