Focus Change

Nov 1, 2021

You're probably going to notice that I'm posting a lot less about the fairy cottage right now and more about me. Well here is a recap.

(Hold onto your seat because we are going to jump around a bit. Try to keep up.)

Although there were still some projects happening they started moving a lot slower in August when I had to have my gallbladder removed (the over share will make sense if you keep reading)

Here's a little background…

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis, which is often a precursor to MS. My life moved forward, the Mini was born and then in 2018 it was official, I had lesions in my brain. I also had a young child.

For the next year's everything plugged along. I became a single mum, I had MS. Everything was fine, till it wasn't.

Let's fast-forward again to September in the Fairy Cottage. I was starting to feel not so good. Fatigue was kicking my butt. My legs were always tired. It turns out this was the start of my worst exasperation ever. I plugged a long, getting into the new school year. I had gone back to work as a full-time teacher. The weather started getting cooler and my mobility started getting a little bit worse.

Did I mention I have Multiple Sclerosis? Oh good you are getting it. Although on a normal day today I can still do most of the things that I want, sometimes MS does get in the way. Recently it has been getting in the way a lot. 

By mid October I was realizing that this was getting real. My legs were jumping, numb, tingling and just out of control. Then my hands decided to join in the fun. I was dropping things and felt like I had no sustained grip. 

Of course this was pretty worrisome so I messaged my neurologist and went to see him. I talked, scared about my diagnosis for the first time, he listened. Then he sent me for steroids. Lots of steroids. For three days I barely slept, driving to the city for infusions.  

So this is a pivot.  This blog is - for now- going to focus on parenting with MS.  If you are looking for other blogs on the topic here are some articles you might like:

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When considering 'Focus Change' as a person with multiple sclerosis, most will also think about Optic Neuritis.  Optic Neuritis or ON is common in people with MS.  I am one of those people. 

For me it stated with an ache in my right eye and vision deterioration.  This included blurry vision in the affected eye and a shift in my color perception.  Primarily reds and greens where effected. 

During more recent ON attacks there is more pain and my eyes feel tired.  The Mayo Clinic has a great article on ON (Link).

Here is a partial list of the symptoms that are listed by the Mayo Clinic that align with my experience: For the full list use the link above to read more about ON. 

  • Pain. Most people who develop optic neuritis have eye pain that's worsened by eye movement. Sometimes the pain feels like a dull ache behind the eye.
  • Visual field loss. Side vision loss can occur in any pattern, such as central vision loss or peripheral vision loss.
  • Loss of color vision. Optic neuritis often affects color perception. You might notice that colors appear less vivid than normal.