Thanksgiving x2

November 25

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is pretty special. Each year (minus 2020) my school cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner for the students. We even invite people from the larger school community. It's a great day for our community; for many of our students this might be the only full Thanksgiving meal they get. This year we even had a student bring his father so that he could also take part in the Thanksgiving celebration.

As a single mom, the Mini’s dad and I share holidays. We live near each other so we do our best to make sure that she gets to see all of her family members on the major holidays.

If her dad is working I tend to go wherever my mother and sister go. This year I received an invitation to drive about an hour and a half away for a huge Thanksgiving dinner with all of my extended family. I had to bow out.

It is not that I didn't want to go, it is that I knew I could not drive an hour and a half down, rush through a meal and then drive an hour and a half back for the mini to get to her aunts on time. 

I'm perfectly confident driving for under an hour but the idea of driving for 4 hours in one day just scared me. What if my legs went numb? How would I get the car home? What would I do if we got in an accident in heavy traffic on Thanksgiving day? I've never worried about these issues before. This exacerbation is a whole new world for me and my Multiple Sclerosis.

I told my sister and mother that I would not be going down, called a friend and invited myself over. 

The next day my sister called and said she would not be going either. She would stay close so we could do Thanksgiving together. When I say that I have an amazing support network, I mean it. 

Her family didn't judge me when I left not long after dinner to go home and rest. They didn't judge me when I came back a couple hours later to take part in a family game night.

I have said before it is hard to be a single mum, but with the support I get on a regular basis I know how truly lucky I am.