Intermittent Mobility Issues

Intermittent Mobility Issues

Oct. 15-18, 2021

Handicap placard… well I reached out to my healthcare team again. I wanted some clarification about handicap placards. 


"But you can walk!?! You paint houses, and lay flooring! You are not Handicapped! You are the kind of person who ruins a well intentioned system."

That was my internal dialogue for days after reaching out. 

But finally I had to admit that I was planning when and where to shop based on parking. If the lot was too full I would just go home again. I knew the 200 yards of walking to and from my car plus the walking in the store was just too much for me. I felt weak and pathetic. But I have to take care of myself and the mini. I need to be able to go food shopping. 

So I gave it lots of thought and realize that I don’t have to use it everyday.  I don’t have to use it because I have it.  I will have it to use when I need it.  When I go back to baseline I will put it in the glove compartment and park wherever there is a space.

I sent a message to Dr. B in my hospital network's patient portal and let him know that I needed him to fill out the paperwork for me.  He mailed it back to me and it sat on the counter for a few weeks.  At think point I think that I just need to bite the bullet and send it in.