Christmas list for someone with Multiple Sclerosis

Christmas with MS

Holiday Shopping Ideas for Warriors. 

A Multiple Sclerosis Gift Guide

I have put together a list of items that others with Multiple Sclerosis might light for a gift.  Check out my 9 items below!

 Items I have and Love

The images and links in this post will direct you to Amazon in most cases.  


  • This is my glamourous night out purse. When I want to go out to a silent auction, bar or anywhere that I would prefer a smaller bag this is the go to style.  For me when I am using my forearm crutches I hate having my bag  hitting my crutch, or sliding off my shoulder.  Having something on my chest in a crowded bar gives me easy access to my ID, card, cash and phone.  Don't forget I want to be able to hear my cell if my mini needs me so this keeps everything tight up to me and accessible.


  • I have broken most of my "nice" dishes.  I started looking for an every day dish that I could microwave, put in the dishwasher and not spill.  These 10 Inch Wheat Straw Deep Dinner Plates are a sturdy and super deep for a plate.  So walking it to the table there is a bit more side incase my grip is bad and it tips.  


  • I love my forearm crutches for long walks and in crowds.  This little pouch is big enough for my car keys, cell phone and a small wallet. 


  • I have 2 of these drop leg pouches.  Again, I have found that using a traditional purse doesn't work for me.  The pouch wraps around your waist and thigh.  They don't twist or bounce and they stay right near my hand making it easy to access what I need.  They also look pretty bad ass with cowboy boots and jeans.



  • My Fit Bit.  I have a smart watch.  I will preface this item with the fact that I will not buy Apple products so if you are an Apple person you may have more reasons to stay within brand.  I have the Aria Scale (link) and The Fitbit Versa 2 (link).  I love them both because when I am in an exacerbation it is hard for me to get moving.  The non intrusive reminders to get moving really work for me.  I also like the water and food tracking in the app and when I am feeling good it is usually really easy for me to drop weight because I get really motivated by the graphs and visuals. The other great thing is the sleep records.  When I am on steroids or just not sleeping well I like to try to trick it that I am sleeping.  This way I guess I figure even if I am not sleeping I am still resting my body. 


  • Shopping Bag, can be worn on the front or back. Why I love this bag: It is big, has a waist strap and has straps for a fishing pole that work great for my cane.  It also is big enough that I can put purchases or my folding cane right in it. 
  • The one that I have is described as a "Sling Fishing Tackle Bag, Outdoor Fishing Storage Pack, Water-Resistant Fishing Bag Cross Body.


  • Smart Things Hub (link) & Alexa Dot  (link).  I love my smart-ish home.  I have the majority of my bulbs switched over to Sengled Smart Zigbee Bulbs.  I have taken the time to name them all in a way I can mostly remember.  I have a few favorite 'scenes' that make my life easier.  For examples on my way out of the house I shout to Alexa to "Turn on Dark House" and all the lights go out.  When the little miss needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or I am not sleeping a quiet " Alexa turn on night lights" and just enough lights turn on to get someone to the bathroom or kitchen.  The only things that I use my smart home for is lighting.  Turning all the lights over has taken me a few years but it is worth it for me. 


  • This everyday cross body bag that doesn't swing around is perfect for wearing front or back.  I love the size of the pockets and is easy to adjust for a woman of my size.


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