Social Media is Up

About the Author

Katherine, owner of the Wee Fae ‘Ouse is a single mother on a mission.  Since 2004 Katherine has been taking on projects north of Boston, Massachusetts. Her love of rejuvenating neglected properties has stayed with her as her life has changed.  Follow her on Instagram as she documents the Wee 'Ouse and her battle with Multiple Sclerosis

Social Media & Ableism

I have been struggling finding care for the Mini in the morning since last July when I started looking. I have reposted the job regularly and shared it in a range of places on social media.  I thought that I had described the job well.  Turns out I didn't and over the last couple day people decided to start telling me. 

Mother Christmas Letter

I had an idea the other day while at church.  The Mini had asked if she was going to give away her older toys that she doesn't play with to kids who need toys.  I said, "Yes of course, just like last year."