Urodynamics for Multiple Sclerosis

Bladder Infections & MS Part 2

After months of waiting, I finally had my urodynamics test in December. Testing bladder function can give a lot of information to your care team and make everyday life easier.  

The Cleveland Clinic explains that "Urodynamic tests are used to diagnose urinary incontinence or other urinary symptoms. Most tests are related to the bladder's ability to retain urine and then to release it completely without starting and stopping."

What was my test like?

I removed my clothing from the waist down and was told to empty my bladder completely in the bathroom. I then got into an adjustable chair with a space between my legs and a funnel under me. The funnel went into a bucket that sat on a scale.  A catheter was inserted in my vagina and urethra.  The two catheters were then hooked up to a computer.  

My doctor arrived and began filling my bladder with room-temperature saline, it felt really cold.  For about 5 minutes, I clenched coughed, and tried not to release the saline. 

Once the filling was done I had to pee, right there in the seat, into the funnel.  The catheters were removed, and I had to try to pee more in a little potty chair with the bucket still there, still on a scale.  

I then got cleaned up and had an ultrasound of my bladder. 

My test was done in an outpatient office.  To see the space and hear my immediate thoughts check out my Instagram page @weeouse.  

#1. The issues I faced in August during y exacerbation were not the same as when I went into his office. I have RRMS.  I go into relapses and remissions.  I have been doing PT this fall, I did a round of steroids, and I received my DMT infusion.  (This means that my symptoms were not nearly as bad.)

I have still been leaking and having a hard time telling if my bladder was full or empty.  My neuro-urologist completed the test and said, " Well you are a strange bird," when he came into the consultation room after I got dressed.  I explained that I have gone into remissions since our last conversation.  He was happy to hear that.  He did think that I have a very overactive bladder, and medication should help significantly. 

(Update: It has!)