Teeth and MS

Teeth and MS

Some people have bad teeth.  I am one of those people. 

Poor daily dental care can be a problem for some with Multiple Sclerosis.  Tremors, fatigue, and emotions can impact daily living tasks.  There are also people, like me, who do everything right and still find themselves making calls because of infected and cracked teeth.  

I have had 2 tooth extractions and countless root canals and crowns  There is a definite correlation between my disease-modifying therapy (DMT) infusion and my rate of infection. 

Within 10 days of my infusion, I got a cold and broke a tooth.  

During clinical trials for Ocrevus no dental side effects were reported.  It is well-documented that MS can lead to dental problems.   As I mentioned above it is usually because MS can make it harder to care for yourself.  But they also say that hair loss isn't a side effect, yet there are lots of people sharing both of these issues in the MS community.

So when starting a DMT make sure that you start seeing a dentist BEFORE starting the medication for a clear baseline as to where your teeth are at.  Have a treatment plan made for any existing issues and make a timeline to get them corrected.  Although hair loss and tooth problems aren't reported side effects it doesn't mean they can't happen.