Halloween with MS

Halloween with MS

Oct 27, 2021

Let's get ready for Halloween! Nah, let's head to the city for a PET Scan with radioactive tracers! 

Oct 28, 2021

Let's get ready for Halloween! Nah, let's send a photo of your tongue to your care team because you have oral thrush from all the steroids messing with your immune system. 

Oct. 31, 2021

Today is the last day of the summer season at The Grove. The mini and I enjoyed our day by going trick-or-treating in our year round town. I was dressed as a skeleton and so was she. I did her makeup, she did mine. 

I grabbed my now much loved forearm crutches and we were off. 

When you are a parent with a chronic illness or disability (or both) it changes your kid. It changes how you parent.

Did I mention it also changes your child?  Most 5 year olds were holding hands with their parents.  That is not an option when your parent uses forearm crutches.  I had purchased a new crutch bag and a new "purse" (link to my favorite things here) I was ready to go.  We both got into our costumes and we started the best area of town after a quick stop to see the grandparents.  

Here is how we did it...

Mini and I would get to a house, she would bolt up the walk, say trick or treat, get her candy then bolt to the next walkway while I came behind her.  She never went up the walk till I got there.  She gets it.  Maybe I am lucky or maybe it is because I feel safe in my town.  The point is if you teach them the limits they will work within them.  I have found I need to give her more freedom than the average kindergartener.  

It makes me nervous, but I know that I shouldn't slow her down from enjoying life. I always planned to be a Warrior of a mother.  I may not have planned to do it alone, but I was almost certain that MS was in my future when I had her.  

Scary little girl

I had a lot of people comment on how independent she was.  When we were out trick or treating.  I just smiled and nodded.  What could I say, "Ya, well I don't want my MS to ruin my kids life."? That would have just made everyone uncomfortable.  

Full disclosure I used my forearm crutches for the actual trick-or-treating.  

 Mum with a disability. Killing it for Halloween