COVID & Viral Load

I thought that the end had come and gone for COVID posts, but I guess not.  

One year ago, I had my gallbladder removed and started a steep MS spiral.  This year, on the anniversary of my surgery, I became sick again.  

Explaining MS

Here is my biggest parenting beef with MS. 

It changes too much.

Now, I don't mean how it changes my life or parenting style. I mean how I can be "okay-ish" one minute and later I can be "not-okay"


I ended a previous post with information about my current MS symptoms.  I wanted to continue talking about my MS here to give people some information about Multiple Sclerosis from my point of view.

Focus Change

Nov 1, 2021

You're probably going to notice that I'm posting a lot less about the fairy cottage right now and more about me. Well here is a recap.

(Hold onto your seat because we are going to jump around a bit. Try to keep up.)

Looking for Baseline

Well the plan is to start a new medication this fall. Hopefully before Christmas.  If all goes well with insurance maybe even before Thanksgiving.  I will also be taking part in a study.  That means that I will not be taking any medications besides over the counter options.  No problem!