Teaching & Parenting with MS

Sept 14, 2021
Well I just picked up my iFMLA form from my doctor's office. I am a couple weeks into the school year and my MS is definitely impacting my day to day. I had 2 new lesions on my MRI this summer.

How I have been feeling:

  • Brain fog
  • Word retrieval issues (not being able to "find" words & names)
  • Fatigue
  • Unpredictable emotions

Yup, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Normally it interferes with my life very little but since the surgery I seem to be in a pseudo exacerbation. (A flare up of my relapsing and remitting MS that is short and likely not due to a new lesion.)

"Pseudo" exacerbations sound like "not big deal," but the symptoms are not less real then when they are due to a new or active lesion.

Let's take a minute to look at September: I have not yet found morning care for the mini, I'm not feeling great, I'm working full time, the fairy cottage project is completely stalled.
Stress is bad for MS. I know this so just to be prepared I filled out the intermittent FMLA paperwork.

My note to my PCP sounded something like this:

Hello Dr. B*.,
Well it is that time again. We are without a contract and I have a bunch of appointments coming up. I have also not been feeling great, my legs are numb all the time and think that we might go to a new MS treatment in the fall. (I have 2 new lesions ) and go for another MRI soon...
I would like to send in the paperwork again to HR so that no one says I need to get tested for COVID every time I am out for MS reasons.
I will see you soon too.


A little background. Intermittent FMLA is leave taken pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act for taken in separate, non-consecutive time periods rather than a single span of time. I have turned in the paperwork for it in 2018 and now this year. Although I do feel like I have job security I want to make sure that I was protected. Many people don’t understand that MS can be easy to cope with one day and almost unbearable the next. I like to have the paperwork in at my HR department since my treatments almost always conflict with my work schedule.

*For the remainder of posts about parenting with Multiple Sclerosis I will refer to my Neurologist and Dr. A and my PCP as Dr. B.