Parenting with a Chronic Illness

Aug 16, 2021
August is turning out a little bit more challenging that I would have liked. In general heat makes my Multiple Sclerosis worse, in general having any severe infection makes my MS worse.
Then I wasn’t feeling too great one day. The mini was with her dad, and I decided to try to relax after getting home from the Fairy Cottage.

By 4 a.m., on a lovely August Friday, it was much worse, and I was not feeling lovely. Next thing I knew I was driving myself to the emergency department of the local hospital. After pretty fast service I was checked in and assessed.
It turned out, after some quick detective work by the ER physician and the help of an ultrasound technician, that my gallbladder was the culprit.
I was told that I would be in surgery that afternoon. Quick. Easy. Decisive.

But I am a single mum. Yes, my daughter spends time with her father, but I do most of the heavy lifting. I was being told that there would be no heavy lifting for a little bit.
Many people might think that after major surgery you would stay overnight. This is the time of COVID-19 so that wasn’t in the cards for me. A little slice here, a little slice there, and boom. No more gallbladder, and I could be picked up 3 hours after I went into surgery. To be clear: not three hours after surgery. I was knocked out at 1:45 on Friday and was in my car with my mother behind the wheel at 5:00pm on Friday. I was there for about 12 hours from admission to discharge.

My mini stayed with her dad for the night that I was at the hospital and then was dropped off on my first day after having an organ removed. FUN TIMES.

To make a short story long the weekend unfolded like this:
Thursday- Day Before Gallbladder Attack: Working at the Cottage, feeling not so hot. Mini doing an overnight with her dad.
Friday - Surgical Day: Home at 5 pm head to bed. Baby Daddy took the night off from work. (Thank goodness!)
Saturday - Day 1 Post Organ Removal: "Hi Sweetie! You're Home!"
To be clear I have a great support network. So my sister took my mini for a bit and I got some much needed rest.
Day 2 Post Organ Removal: "Good Morning Sweetie!" Ya well it turns out I felt crap. So my sister picked us up. (I wasn't allowed to drive.) Brought us to the beach where I popped a pain killer and was helped into her boat. That's right. I went boating.
Oh and side note… I have 2 new lesions in my brain. (More on this to come)
So the progress on the fairy cottage is stalled. But I'll keep you posted.