Diet & Lifestyle Changes for Multiple Sclerosis

Eating Healthy with Multiple Sclerosis

I hate supermarkets, so I try to make my diet as easy as possible.  For me, this means using a food delivery service, EveryPlate, and keeping my need to head into the harsh lights and extreme temperature changes to a minimum.  I have had success in losing weight using a simple method of recording what I ate and drank.  Last time I put any effort into losing weight the pounds melted away as I walked and focused on my intake balance. 

Tips on Managing Family Life

Part of A Guide to Parenting with MS and How It Affects Your Family

Have you ever wondered how to manage family life when you (or someone you love) has MS? Well, I have MS and through the years of trial and error, I've learned a thing or two on how to help manage it. Here's my take. 

Tips for Raising Kids When You Have MS

Part of A Guide to Parenting with MS and How It Affects Your Family

You don't have to live with the limitations of your disease. There's no reason you can't be a hands-on parent and give your children the care they need. You just have to do a little planning ahead of time. I find that my days are filled with figuring things out.  I have always said, “I am looking for solutions, not problems.” This has become a mantra for me as I learn to live with the limitations that Multiple Sclerosis attempts to put on me and my mini. 

Uncooked Thanksgiving Turkey

November 25

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is pretty special. Each year (minus 2020) my school cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner for the students. We even invite people from the larger school community. It's a great day for our community; for many of our students this might be the only full Thanksgiving meal they get. This year we even had a student bring his father so that he could also take part in the Thanksgiving celebration.