I Hate Supermarkets

I Hate Supermarkets. There I said it. I hate everything about them.  They are too bright, there is too much walking, lately they don't have what I came for. 

Since my most recent relapse, pseudo exacerbation, I have had a lot of fatigue, light sensitivity, and pain in my extremities. So you can guess that heading to the supermarket has become one of my least favorite things. I also don't have a handicap placard. I have considered getting one, sent in for the paperwork from my doctor in October, but I have not yet gotten a placard. (I may have lost the information from my doctor. When I say may have, I mean I did.)

January 3, 2022

But I got sidetracked. 

I needed to figure out a solution. 

I decided on trying a meal services. (Also called meal delivery kits)
I actually tried two.  Our first week is Every Plate (discount link)

We will also try Dinnerly. 

I went with 4 meals per week to really reduce the amount of time that I spend in the supermarket.  

 Our first delivery was really cool.  I had the Mini help me choose each of the recipes in hopes for additional buy-in.  

Our first meal was great. 
What I did like what the amount of food provided for a single meal for two.  It was a great meal size for me.  It was way too big for the Mini, but that is not surprising.  I will portion things out differently tomorrow and split it into three.  One small portion for Z, and a small portion for my next day lunch and a dinner portion for me.  

I didn't like the amount of packaging but it all makes perfect sense considering that everything is ready to go.  And if I think of all the packaging to make a meal I guess it isn't really that different since everything is tiny.  I normally get as much as possible in paper or cardboard because I heat with wood and can burn paper and cardboard when I am getting the stove going.  This creates more plastic waste.  
We normally create 1 kitchen bag of trash a week. So I take out the trash once every three weeks.  (It takes 3 bags to fill my barrel and I am not wasting the energy in the cold weather.)

Friday, January 7th

The first week with Every Plate was great.  I enjoyed all of the meals.  

The cards for each meal were easy to follow.  Everything was prepared pretty quickly.  The produce was really fresh on delivery day and did not turn.  I have had problems with produce that I buy at the store going bad and starting to rot within a few days.   The meats were also good quality.  I would say the same as what I get at the most expensive market near home.  We did have some left overs, some nights, but not enough for a lunch.

Tuesday, January 11th

The Dinerly Box arrived today.  It was not as well organized at the Every Plate box.  It really looked like everything was just tossed in.  Dinerly also doesn't give menu cards.  Which I didn't think would be a big deal.  It was.  Having my computer on the counter with a little kid cooking was very stressful.  I tend to not like the idea of flour and milk on my computer.  Its a weird rule I have.  

Friday, January 14th

I tried using my phone and the app night 2.  It was a big pain.  I ended up feeling really frustrated with cooking each night.  The recipes were not as clear as they could have been.  The goal of the company to make things in 5 steps, really makes the process harder not easier.  

Dinerly also expected me to have garlic.  I did have garlic, it was left over from my Every Plate Box. I also have garlic chunks in the fridge and powder in the cabinet.  The problem is the "What you'll need" didn't specify powered, fresh, paste, or minced garlic from a jar. 

"Finely chop 1 teaspoon garlic." was part of instruction one.  Ummm... 1 teaspoon... So they want fresh, so I will chop 1 CLOVE and see how much it measures.  I found this a little weird.  

Dinerly Example What you Need Screen

The meat was cooked exactly as specified but wasn't very good.  Over all I didn't really like the flavors of the menu.  None of the dishes were very good. 

The steak seasoning was way too salty, and I LOVE salt.  

I will return to Every Plate Next week.  I have paused my second Dinerly box because I am not sure, even with the discount, if the service is worth it.