Bladder Infections & MS

Back in the Spring of 2022 I found myself struggling with pain from a bladder infection.  

In August of 2022 I was able to have a virtual appointment with a local Neuro-Urologist.

Not just a urologist in the phone book or one recommended by a friend.  I wanted to see a Neuro-Urologist because my bladder dysfunction has come to light with the increase in my MS symptoms.  

The doctor that I saw today has a clinical interest in urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction.  These are the two areas where I am noticing problems.  

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Katherine, owner of the Wee Fae ‘Ouse is a single mother on a mission.  Since 2004 Katherine has been taking on projects north of Boston, Massachusetts. Her love of rejuvenating neglected properties has stayed with her as her life has changed.  Follow her on Instagram as she documents the Wee 'Ouse and her battle with Multiple Sclerosis

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November 5, 2021

In September the Mini went to kindergarten. I was piecing together morning care so I could work. The schedule was always changing as I went to doctor appointments and treatment. It has not been a smooth introduction to big girl school.

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Oct 23, 2021

To say that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays would be an understatement. So I booked The Mini into an arts & craft event in a neighboring town. Traffic was unbearable getting there. Once I got closer to the town center I saw that there was a huge Fall Festival happening. And so did The Mini.