My Point of View...  as a single parent with Multiple Sclerosis. 

How do you get Multiple Sclerosis? Do I have MS?!? I see these questions all the time on social media.  I thought it might be helpful to put my answers all in the same place. 

MS is a disease that is diagnosed in people throughout the world but it is more common farther from the equator… I am going to do my best at a quick "About MS" Post to answer some common questions.

Eating Healthy with Multiple Sclerosis

I hate supermarkets, so I try to make my diet as easy as possible.  For me, this means using a food delivery service, EveryPlate, and keeping my need to head into the harsh lights and extreme temperature changes to a minimum.  I have had success in losing weight using a simple method of recording what I ate and drank.  Last time I put any effort into losing weight the pounds melted away as I walked and focused on my intake balance. 

Assessing Progression in Multiple Sclerosis 

Cognitive Batteries and Their Role in Improving the Lives of MS Patients

Taking the time to take part in Neuropsychological Testing can help a patient living with Multiple Sclerosis and their care team understand more about how the disease is impacting the individual. The testing can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the symptoms and how cognitive issues are impacting the person. 

Multiple Sclerosis Affects Your Mouth?

Dental caries and periodontal disease are a major concern for people with MS. A study has shown that the risk of tooth decay is higher in people with MS than in the general population. I can tell you my teeth have always been a pain for me. They break, they fracture, and they get cavities. I can’t seem to stay ahead of it. This has been going on way longer than my MS.

Tips on Managing Your Relationships

Part of A Guide to Parenting with MS and How It Affects Your Family

Not many people talk about how hard it is to manage relationships with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis. Here are my best tips for making those days easier when I am feeling defeated. 

Tips on Managing Family Life

Part of A Guide to Parenting with MS and How It Affects Your Family

Have you ever wondered how to manage family life when you (or someone you love) has MS? Well, I have MS and through the years of trial and error, I've learned a thing or two on how to help manage it. Here's my take. 

Parenting with Paresthesia

Paresthesia is what doctors call pins and needles. For many, the most distressing symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) are sensory disturbances. For me, the sensations can include numbness, itching, and burning pain. These sensory disruptions are a part of life for many with MS.  

How To Get Laundry Done In No Time

Laundry Tips for the Too Tired

I probably shouldn't be writing this post since I rarely do laundry. I don't do tons of laundry because the mini and I have started to master how to avoid this chore and get it done as easily as possible. 

Tips for Raising Kids When You Have MS

Part of A Guide to Parenting with MS and How It Affects Your Family

You don't have to live with the limitations of your disease. There's no reason you can't be a hands-on parent and give your children the care they need. You just have to do a little planning ahead of time. I find that my days are filled with figuring things out.  I have always said, “I am looking for solutions, not problems.” This has become a mantra for me as I learn to live with the limitations that Multiple Sclerosis attempts to put on me and my mini. 

I Hate Supermarkets

I Hate Supermarkets. There I said it. I hate everything about them.  They are too bright, there is too much walking, lately they don't have what I came for. 

The pain in my neck

Kids can be a pain in the neck, as the saying goes. One thing that never really impacted me prior to this exacerbation was pain. 
I have lots of different kinds of pain. The pain in my legs, hands and neck are the areas that most impact my life. 

In the last couple of months, as the exacerbation wears on, the pain is getting more pronounced.

Explaining MS

Here is my biggest parenting beef with MS. 

It changes too much.

Now, I don't mean how it changes my life or parenting style. I mean how I can be "okay-ish" one minute and later I can be "not-okay"

Mother Christmas Letter

I had an idea the other day while at church.  The Mini had asked if she was going to give away her older toys that she doesn't play with to kids who need toys.  I said, "Yes of course, just like last year." 


I ended a previous post with information about my current MS symptoms.  I wanted to continue talking about my MS here to give people some information about Multiple Sclerosis from my point of view.

Social Media & Ableism

I have been struggling finding care for the Mini in the morning since last July when I started looking. I have reposted the job regularly and shared it in a range of places on social media.  I thought that I had described the job well.  Turns out I didn't and over the last couple day people decided to start telling me. 

Uncooked Thanksgiving Turkey

November 25

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is pretty special. Each year (minus 2020) my school cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner for the students. We even invite people from the larger school community. It's a great day for our community; for many of our students this might be the only full Thanksgiving meal they get. This year we even had a student bring his father so that he could also take part in the Thanksgiving celebration.