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Reprioritizing the Rehab

I took some time to read over an article about rehabbing a cottage at The Grove.. As I looked it over I rethought many of my earlier decisions. I have reprioritized

  1. The only areas that will receive a new layer of siding is the back of the house and the bathroom.  The rest will be patched and painted.  One area of concern is where the stove pipe leaves the side of the house near the front, but I will find a solution.
  2. I will remove the vinyl windows from the bathroom and back of the house and build custom windows using glass from similar time period windows. 
  3. I will remove and retrim a window from the front room and move it to the back by the back door.  The window that i am moving currently opens to the porch.   I will replace the space vacated on the porch it with the same style that I am building for the back room.
  4. The 2 windows in the back room are rotted beyond saving.  Using the existing glass I will build 2 windows to replace them.  I will use the same measurements and design for a third that will go into the spot by the back door and bathroom.
This window in the back room is an original casement with brass casement stays.  The glass is seedy and there are no broken panes.  These windows will be rebuilt to match the existing.
The two vinyl windows in the bathroom will be replace with custom made wood windows that use the glass from existing windows.
The back of the house has been repaired a number of times over the years and will need to be resided. 
The bathroom was build very close to an existing window.  This window will be removed and replaced with a 2 over 2 window like the ones in the rest of the cottage. 
There was a window in the tub area at some point.  That window will be custom built to add more natural light to the bathroom. The porch will have new siding installed.
The front windows are all 2 over 2 and many have cracks in the glass. All of the glass is currently original.  I will do my best to find glass that will replicate the existing as close as possible.
The back door was replace with plywood at some point.  This door will be rebuild to better fit the look and feel and to add more detail to the back of the house.