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Finding Matching Details

 Oriel Window & Italianate Design of 1871​


Treasures of Hamilton

Matching the details is turning out to be really expensive.  I am looking for ways to keep the original charm and keep the project affordable. 


Finials - Corbels - Brackets

The door brackets and window trim on the right side are in pretty good condition.
There are 9 brackets with decorative finials on the oriel window.  Five are missing.

   Oriel Window

Italianate Design of 1871

Treasures of Hamilton

"9 Thompson, Italianate design, has an Oriel window on the upper level. It protrudes from the cottage face and is braced underneath by decorative corbels (brackets). The cottage also has a bay window of similar design on a first floor side."

Use the link below for the entire document. Page 83 has an image of the Wee 'Ouse Oriel Window.


Treasures of Hamilton (PDF)