Buying in a National Historical District

The Asbury Grove Historic District is listed for not only social and religious significance but the range of Architecture. 

The R. Sanderson Cottage c. 1871

Many designated historic districts come with strict rules. One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a historic home is that owners must adhere to strict rules and guidelines laid out by local historic societies. That means owners may not be able to change or add-on to their cottages without historic considerations. In 'The Grove' there are wonderful and clear notes one what should and shouldn't be done to keep up the historic value. 

The National Registry lists each of the periods below for significance:


Gingerbread roof facia Gothic Italianate Cottage 1870's Massachusetts Europe’s high Gothic period ran from the mid-12th century through the 16th century, but in the late 18th century, the style gained renewed interest, sparking the Gothic Revival movement. Once again, buildings with steeply pitched roofs, arched windows, and flying buttresses were popping up all over the continent.