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For Physically Disabled Parents, Covid’s Trials Are Amplified

April 26, 2021 by Izz Scott LaMagdeleine

In February 2020, Chris Wylie went bowling with his daughter, Hope. At the time, Wylie — who has cerebral palsy and asthma and uses a wheelchair — split custody of Hope with her mother. That evening, the two ate pizza with family and played games at the local event center in Lewiston, New York, near Niagara Falls.

Worse Than the Disease: Chronic Fatigue

A popular therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome made many patients worse. Adding insult to injury, research supporting it is now unraveling.

October 27, 2016 by David Tuller

AAfter living in Oklahoma for 40 years, Nita and Doug Thatcher retired in 2009 to the Rust Belt city of Lorain, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb that hugs Lake Erie. When Nita needed to find a new primary care doctor, a friend recommended someone from the Cleveland Clinic. Nita knew the institution’s reputation for cutting-edge research and superior medical services. But as a longtime patient grappling with chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating disorder that scientists still don't fully understand, she was wary when she learned that the clinic was promoting a common but potentially dangerous treatment for the illness: a steady increase in activity known as graded exercise therapy.