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  • Author

  • About Me

    Posts about Katherine.  Some of these post cover health issues, and others are more focused on who the Wee 'Ouse owner is. 

  • Care Team

    Posts about working with health care professionals.  These posts will be about my interactions with my family's care teams. 


    Posts with the COVID tag will range from how the Pandemic changes our lives to dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19

  • CYO

    This section is about creating your own space.  Posts include craft projects, interior decorating, and furniture layout and design. 

  • DIY

    My idea of doing it yourself may not be what other people are ready for.  I used to be in the construction industry so I will have skills and tools that could be beyond the average home owner.  

  • Events

  • Exterior

    See how the exterior of the Wee 'Ouse changes over time.  Posts in this section mostly focus on exterior renovations. 

  • Family

    Family impacts our lives in so many ways.  Read posts about how family impacts the owner of the Wee Fae 'Ouse. 

  • Flooring

    Funky floors can change a space.  Take a look at the process for creating multi-colored real wood floors.  

  • Guest Blogger

    Guest Blogger Submissions to the Wee Fae 'Ouse Blog

  • Guide to Parenting

    A Series of Posts Subtitled: A Guide to Parenting with MS and How It Affects Your Family

  • Historic

    The R. Sanderson Cottage was originally completed in the summer of 1871. Explore my research into Asbury Grove, the Sanderson Family and Italianate architecture. 

  • Inspiration

    Every project has inspiration.  Look through posts about the area, items and history that inspires the rehabilitation of the Wee Fea 'Ouse

  • Paint Colors

  • Parenting

    Parenting with Multiples Sclerosis is a feat not for the weak at heart.  Follow my trials and missteps as I figure life out. 

  • Process

  • Purchase

    Purchasing a cottage in an area protected by the National Register of Historic Places. 

  • Sanderson

    The Sanderson Family built the Wee Fae 'Ouse in Asbury Grove.  The R. Sanderson Cottage was originally completed in the summer of 1871. 

  • The Grove

  • Tin Panels

  • Tour

    Any posts with an overview of the cottage will be tagged with the keyword 'Tour' to help people see the transformation of the space over time.