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Woven Floors


Weaving wood floors may seem like a job for the professionals and you would be right.

Woven floor patterns require a significant amount of patience to come out well.  


Trial and (Less) Error with Exterior Paint Colors


Back over the winter I had originally thought that purple, green and blue would be the way to go.  After a lot of research I moved towards using golds with the purple.  

Turns out my initial instincts were more on point. 

Installing Beams


Installing Beams

One of the early projects was doubling up the existing beams. The span was over 12' with no supports in the center. 

This span made the second floor bedroom very bouncy. 


Installing Custom Stained Bedroom Floors

Custom floors for the fairy house
Custom Stained Floors (Katherine DeSilva, 2021)


Custom flooring is not an easy proposition on my project budget.  But like all things when I set my mind to something it is hard to get me to give it up.



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