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Cutting New Brackets

The details in the original wood work is stunning... But not well cared for.

New scroll saw! I have never used one but I am pretty good at free hand quilting and using a jigsaw so I figure I can do this.'


It is a lot easier to cut the thinner wood. I will bring these 2 to the house and compare them. My goal is to have one wood template that I can work from.

My first attempt with the 1 1/2 thick wood. The 3/4" is much easier but I am practicing on a 2x10 

To make the template for the bracket I used graph paper and made 3 tracings. I then created a final paper template. 


 The paper template was used to make a couple test brackets that I brought to the house to compare to the original. 

While working on the bracket I have found that using a straight router bit really cleans up the curves nicely.  I will need to invest in some 2" stock once I am a little better at this.  I have also considered making them a little thicker as they will be at the top of the house but will see what I can afford first. 

The bracket that I am recreating are 1 3/4" wide. I will probably end up laminating a 3/4" stock to a 1" stock



Above is the range of shapes that where created.  The middle image (above) is my first go at fitting the three pieces together.  I painted them to see what I thought of the shape and design.  These bracket will be going to the Oriel window and the surviving brackets from the window will come down to the lower level to repair what is closer for people to look at. 

March, 2021 - Bracket Creation

My first 6 brackets using the final template.  
Each brackets is cut on the scroll saw and each pair will be sanded together.  Then a center piece will be laminated between the two matching brackets.