What does DIY mean?

Well to me it means "I did it myself"
I am not convinced that just anyone can also do it themselves. 
Check out my About Page.  At the bottom it will show a very, very small visual intro to the kinds of projects I have take on in the past.

This is not a judgment on you, the reader.

My point is that you need to feel safe and confident!

Very few of my posts will be a "How To" explaination.  Instead they will be a narrative with images and video (sometimes) of the process.  It should not be assumed that because I didn't mention or show a step that what is missing *isn't important* 
Please don't assume it!


Woven Floors


Weaving wood floors may seem like a job for the professionals and you would be right.

Woven floor patterns require a significant amount of patience to come out well.