What does DIY mean?

Well to me it means "I did it myself"
I am not convinced that just anyone can also do it themselves. 
Check out my About Page.  At the bottom it will show a very, very small visual intro to the kinds of projects I have take on in the past.

This is not a judgment on you, the reader.

My point is that you need to feel safe and confident!

Very few of my posts will be a "How To" explaination.  Instead they will be a narrative with images and video (sometimes) of the process.  It should not be assumed that because I didn't mention or show a step that what is missing *isn't important* 
Please don't assume it!


Repairing Stairs & Hip Wall


Stair landing The entry room is being transformed.  The narrow stairs are part of the look and feel of the cottage.  Having extremely steep stairs in this time period is pretty common. While I have no intention of "correcting" the stairs (they are correct for the style of the house and the time period.  I do need to make a few adjustments to make them traversable.