Weekend Warriors

filling walls in 1870s cottage

Sometimes you just need to see what you have to work with.

The Wee Fairy Cottage is such a mess we needed to get a good look at it.
Painting a primer coat on the inside was a good move; it has made it easier to find areas to patch, boards to seal and cracks to fill. Having my Wee One with me just made it better.
It also let me see if my color choices would work.  It has been great to see the space warming up. 

Areas around the stairs needed a significant amount of work.  The plan is to not only make it look cleaner, but also make it safer. 


No one want to have the sun shining into a house through the wall.  I am using wood putty and calking to make the space a little tighter. 


Some areas in the bedroom are not showing light but still needed to be sealed up a bit 


Around the bedroom window there are significant areas that need repair.