Initial Tour

In the late fall of 2020 I let myself into the fairy house to take a look at what the space looked like.  The video gives a pretty good look at the space. 

Front Room

This was the original living room for the cottage.  This will be the kitchen in the new layout for the cottage.




 In the image to the below you can partially make out the fact that the bathroom door is mounted on top of the wall, not flush with the wall.  

In the images below and to the left you can see some attempt was made to finish the inside of the bathroom.  


 Back Room

 This was the kitchen for the cottage, added sometime in the last half century. This will be a living room moving forward. 


The "once kitchen" was easily the room in the worst condition.  There is a whole in the back wall plugged by rags wrapped in plastic; the casement windows are so rotted that they won't shut; wall paneling was removed in some areas and light to the outside could be seen through the horizontal tongue and groove siding.