Trial and (Less) Error with Exterior Paint Colors


Back over the winter I had originally thought that purple, green and blue would be the way to go.  After a lot of research I moved towards using golds with the purple.  

Turns out my initial instincts were more on point. 

The body will be Limo-Scene. 

The next set of color tests were a terracotta color and a green similar to what I originally picked. 


Maia and Lucy came to the cottage for the first time while I was testing the new paint colors. 


After testing the 2 colors that I thought looked best with the body color I started to feel pretty deflated. 

The color combination above is 

  • Limo-Scene (deep purple)
  • Half Sea Fog (the lighter trim)
  • Dragonfly (the darker accent color)

The color combination to the right is 

  • English Channel (deep blue)
  • Half Sea Fog (the lighter ceiling)
  • Warm Marshmallow (the wall color)


June 26,2020 Update

On June 22nd I reached out to friends and family on Facebook  

 The consensus was that the blue tones are better than the golds.  

Problem is that a ton of the houses nearby use similar color schemes and I don't want to clash... Yes... Clash.  

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