Painting Transformation

Painting Transformation

Before Painting

Painting Pride

The white walls in the bedroom become Warm Marshmallow with the help of family.  It warms up the space. 

Painting Pride


(Below is the before)


 The old wire from the ceiling fan decided it needed more staples so that will be a project for after the ceiling is painted.  The breaker is turned off... so don't worry.     

Painting Rafters



 The rafters are installed.  With the help of my great friend we reinforced the beams.  Today I finished a first coat on the ones that are up... 

The next step was to fill the seams.  I was able to get them about 60% of the way done - getting a first coat of paintable calking into the tight seams and using wood putty in the wider gaps. 


After letting everything set up for a few hours I smoothed the areas with another coat of paint, blending the seam in even more.  



The new blue beams in the front and back first floor rooms really bring the spaces together.  

Using the same colors for the walls and having the same treatment for the floors will also make the space flow. 



The walls in the bedroom needed some attention.  I went through and filled the most glaring holes.