Found it! The Perfect Color Scheme

Option #1
Loving this color scheme.  Golden tan and purple Italianate color scheme.
Option #2
This isn't as striking but the white really pops with the gold brackets. 
Deep Purple with Gold Trim Italianate style Victorian Era Painted Lady House in San Francisco, CA. Featuring Mansard Roofs, Hooded Window, Decorative Cornice and Dormers. Beautiful and Charming Old World Charm and Traditional Elegance. Exterior View Daytime Historic purple Victorian house with large porch and gold trim in Chatham, New Jersey.

Purple & Golden Tan for the Wee 'Ouse - Our Fairy Cottage

I will be looking for Paint Swatches to fit with my choices.  A deep purple with an undertone of mauve, navy blue, a light golden beige, a light golden brown

June 26,2020 Update

On June 22nd I reached out to friends and family on Facebook  

 The consensus was that the blue tones are better than the golds.  

Problem is that a ton of the houses nearby use similar color schemes and I don't want to clash... Yes... Clash.  

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