Looking at the Paint and Exterior Issues

We have found it is not easy to pick exterior paint colors.  The biggest mistake (we knew enough not to make) was to choose a color based on how it look on a 2" color sample.  We started by testing on just the front façade but realized quickly we needed to look at a lot of different areas on the cottage.  We took our top contenders and brought them around the house.  With the help of my 4 year old we looked at the colors in different lights and on different elevations of the house where lighting would be different. 



 Round 2 of Paint Samples included a range of different purples. light golds and deeper golds. 

Round 1 of  Paint Samples - The Plush Purple was too close to the color of a nearby house, but because it was more muted it literally clashed. 




The range of paint samples helped us make more informed choices.


The blue was relegated back into the house only.  It didn't feel right on the outside   The top two purple choices




 My mini enjoyed testing the paint colors.    Paint chips are sort of helpful.  But as you can see the same chips in 2 different lights look very different. All 4 of the photos above were taken on the same day within moments of each other... but I moved into different places.  I painted a board with my favorite purples to look at in a range of environments around the outside of the house




By the end of day 4 of color testing we had a big mess of ideas.  I hope that I will have the colors finalized by late May

The three favorite colors look very different on the back of the house compared to the side and front.