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This is my journey recreating the R. Sanderson Cottage.  The cottage was originally completed in the summer of 1871. 

Summer's Day Naps

Summer's Day Naps

The Wee 'Ouse will have to have a pretty big range of use for a tiny cottage in the woods.  Finding the right furniture, layout and inspiration will all make the space more usable in the future.

Exterior Overview of the Wee Fae 'Ouse

  The Before

The R. Sanderson Cottage was not the most beautiful when I found it.  But it definitely had the most style. 

Installing Beams


Installing Beams

One of the early projects was doubling up the existing beams. The span was over 12' with no supports in the center. 

This span made the second floor bedroom very bouncy. 


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Cutting New Brackets

The details in the original wood work is stunning... But not well cared for.

Finding the Right Feel

As I wait to close on our fairy house I have been looking around the internet for the perfect items for the cottage.  I have started a little amazon list to keep ideas in.
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Finding Matching Details

 Oriel Window & Italianate Design of 1871​



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Flowers for the Future

As I consider paint colors I am hoping to get inspiration from the garden.  Although I "thought" I knew what colors I want to paint the house I am feeling unsure about the warm tones that my current scheme employs.  So I am looking to Purple Flowers to help me pick a perfect purple for the Fairy House. 


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Walk Around the Grove

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© 2022 Katherine DeSilva