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My Point of View...  as a single parent with a Multiple Sclerosis.  

One Perspective on Parenting with MS.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained health care professional. I choose to share my journey as a single parent with MS. 
The information in my writing it MY experience and should not be taken as medical advice. 


I Hate Supermarkets

I Hate Supermarkets. There I said it. I hate everything about them.  They are too bright, there is too much walking, lately they don't have what I came for. 

The pain in my neck

Kids can be a pain in the neck, as the saying goes. One thing that never really impacted me prior to this exacerbation was pain. 
I have lots of different kinds of pain. The pain in my legs, hands and neck are the areas that most impact my life. 

In the last couple of months, as the exacerbation wears on, the pain is getting more pronounced.

Happy Holidays

The Days Before Christmas | December 2021

Five Days Before Christmas - Ocrelizumab Infusion Day 2. 

Mother Christmas Letter

Mother Christmas

I had an idea the other day while at church.  The Mini had asked if she was going to give away her older toys that she doesn't play with to kids who need toys.  I said, "Yes of course, just like last year." 

Uncooked Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving x2

November 25

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is pretty special. Each year (minus 2020) my school cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner for the students. We even invite people from the larger school community. It's a great day for our community; for many of our students this might be the only full Thanksgiving meal they get. This year we even had a student bring his father so that he could also take part in the Thanksgiving celebration.

Disease Modifying Treatment for RRMS

Today is my first infusion of Ocrevus. I am going to an infusion center in the city, about 45 minute from my home. Crossing my fingers for smooth sailing into the city. 

© 2022 Katherine DeSilva
© 2022 Katherine DeSilva