About the Grove

"The Grove" is located in South Hamilton, MA, 25 miles northeast of Boston. For recreation The Grove offers an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, a ball field, picnic area, horse shoe pits, and a children's playground. Community facilities include a chapel, tabernacle, library, outdoor vespers circle, dining room and kitchen, coffee shop, and several event meeting spaces. All are welcome to Grove events.

There are a range of cottages for sale in The Grove.  Some need lots of love others just a little.  Unlike many seasonal options cottages at The Grove cost between $50,000-90,000.

Articles & History

There is lots to learn about The Grove, Methodist Camp Meeting Associations and the Wee 'Ouse.  Below are some of the articles.

Martha's Vineyard

Asbury Grove was originally a Methodist Camp Meeting space.  Today there are still other camp meeting associations.  One that seems similar is on Martha's Vineyard. I am interest in finding more images for inspiration. 

Walk Around the Grove

The cottages pictured on this page are not for sale. This is just to give you an idea of what the cottages are like.
​ Please use the buttons to find cottages for sale.  

I spent some time looking around The Grove at the different elements.  One thing that I spent some time focusing on was the doors.  

Want your own Fairy Tale Cottage?

There are a lot of single bedroom Summer Cottages for Sale.  Perfect opportunity for handy buyer looking to buy a tight knit historic community. Cottages in the Asbury Grove Community are filled with potential and can be used from mid-April to October, weather permitting. There are a number of cottages ready for rehabilitation to become owner occupied vacation cottages. 

HOA fee paid Quarterly to Asbury Camp Meeting Association and includes town taxes for the building, attributable land value & portions of common expenses.  The property has an outdoor swimming pool, library, coffee shop, chapel, small playground, ball field with a built-in grilling area as well as tennis and basketball courts.  The Asbury Grove Community is close to Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Bradley Palmer State Park, Vineyard Hill, the Trustees of the Reservation properties at Appleton Farm and Willowdale State Forest.
Seller suggests offers be submitted by Buyer's Agent using the Asbury Grove website. Please go to the Asbury Grove's website for more information about the community's guidelines. 

The National Register of Historic Places has listed Asbury Grove (Asbury Grove Historic District) in recognition of the religious, architectural, and cultural significance. Cottages built prior to 1970 should be updated to preserve original details and historic value.  

 Asbury Grove is on the National Historic Register.  This means that changes to the cottage building in the summer section should conform with the concept of historical preservation.  Owners are welcome to paint, add additional trim work and replace details as they see fit but are encouraged to maintain the atmosphere. 

Here are some additional Articles that might be of interest to a prospective buyer:

 When buying in Asbury Grove there are a few things that people should know.

  1. You are buying the cottage only.  A Bill of Sale is used, not a deed.  The entire community is deeded to Asbury Grove Camp Meeting Association.  This is similar to buying a mobile home in a park community. 
  2. The cottage owners have an association, the fee was $5 per year in 2021.  Owners also pay a quarterly fee to the Association.  This fee is based on the size of the cottage. If a cottage owner would like to change the foot print of their cottage they must submit a description to the Grounds Committee for review and once approved they must also get a building permit from the town.  Changing the footprint of a cottage will impact the quarterly fees paid. 
  3. There are two sections of The Grove.  There is a year round and a summer section.  Cottage owners in the seasonal summer section are allowed to make changes to their cottage for 3 season use.  Seasonal summer cottages do not have water from November 1st to April 15 (Weather permitting.) The roads in the summer section are not wide enough for fire and rescue to service the area in the winter. Only an outer fire lane is plowed.  Because of this absolutely no one is permitted to live in the summer section year round. Cottage owners are permitted to walk the ground and check on their cottages in the winter.  They may not heat them or use alternative waste and water systems in the winter.  
  4. The land under the cottages is leased from the Asbury Camp Meeting Corporation and is renewed every 5 years.  
  5. Prospective owners should be ready to allow a full background check, including your driving record, credit check and a CORI (Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information) 
  6. Drywall and many traditional building materials will not stand up to the elements.  New owners should speak with long time owners or the Historical Committee about the success and failure of interior finish materials.  For example gypsum board (drywall) can not with stand the moisture, freezing and heating that is standard in a summer cottage.  

What the Grove Looks Like.

The cottages pictured on this page are not for sale. This is just to give you an idea of what the cottages are like.
​ Please use the links above to find cottages for sale.  
 Two cottages on the right side of this street are for sale as of Jan. 2021  
  The cottage in this image is for sale as of Jan. 2021
Legal Disclosures: Agents & Buyers must perform their own Due Diligence. Title V is the responsibility of the purchaser unless noted. Cottage structure for sale only. Land is leased from Asbury Camp Meeting Association; Asbury Camp Meeting Association is a religious organization who does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Purchase is subject to a buyer application process and Asbury Camp Meeting Association approval. The Fair Housing Act includes a Religious Exemption which includes that Faith-based organizations can give preference to its members in the sale, rental, or occupancy of noncommercial housing, as long as membership in the religion is not restricted on the basis of race, color, or national origin.  

History & Style

The R. Sanderson Cottage 1871 - Salem Deeds - 4/23/1898 - Book 1408 | Page 415
From The Massachusetts Historical Commission  - Asbury Grove Historic District

​The Italianate style houses follow the basic cottage form but are typically ornamented with bracketed door hoods, prominent window hoods, and cornice brackets. Other features commonly found on these cottages are bay windows, decorative verge boards, pedimented window hoods, and oculi or elliptical windows.
Well-preserved examples of the Italianate cottages are those at 11 Mudge Avenue (1871), 39 Mudge Avenue (1893), 9 Central Avenue (1873), and 12 Merrill Avenue (1872).
Those at 7 Mount Zion Avenue (1873), 29 Central Avenue (1899), and 8 McClintock Avenue (1893) also retain major elements of their original design.
Two notable examples of the Italianate cottage are 16 Clark Avenue (1872) and 9 Thompson Avenue (1871).
The former features a two-story tower, while the latter , The Wee 'Ouse, has a prominent bay window at the second floor.


It is COVID time... So we Zoom

Well its is 2020 so everything is via Zoom or Google Meet these days.
I had the pleasure to "meet" a few people from Asbury Grove and learn a bit more during my Admissions interview.  
Yes. To buy a property in The Grove there is an admissions panel.  So if you can't pass a CORI there is no need to try to follow in my foot steps.  If you want to know more about the process you can find out here. 

Here is the overview (From the Asbury Grove Website)
Anyone wishing to purchase or rent for more than two weeks needs to apply and be approved by our admissions committee. We are looking for people of faith, active in their local church community, who will not only be blessed by our community, but will be a blessing to others. 

Don't Worry... I was approved.

The Fairy Cottage - Fall 2020

In October of 2020 I took a walk with a good friend and Asbury Grove owner.  
I had briefly seen an adorable "Fairy House" online and was interested to learn more about "The Grove" and  the properties for sale.